About Me

Hi, I’m Rasika.

Rasika Rajagopalan

After 22 years of anticipation, graduating college and moving out to Boston to start my first full time job, once the initial novelty wore down, I started to wonder whether I was getting the most out of the countless hours that I spent at work. Realizing that I saw my coworkers more than I saw my own family or that I sat cramped over in a chair longer than I even slept every night drove a mission to figure out how to create a 9-5 that was effective for my company, and also for myself. Even the most compelling jobs can cut into what fundamentally makes us human.

I joined a people operations team to understand how the workplace is structured, and how we can rethink HR to truly fuel career development, engagement, and wellbeing. I observed that supporting these values actually led to positive outcomes for the companies themselves. I also realized that figuring this out required an understanding of systemic barriers to success and achievement that needed to be addressed and broken down. I began to partner with other organizations and groups that focus on diversity, inclusion, and innovation. I share my thoughts here so that you can also make the most out of your career and go to bed feeling energized, fulfilled, and content.

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